About Me

Janet lives and in Sydney, Australia as an artist working predominantly in ceramics.

Janet lives in southern Sydney as an artist working predominantly in ceramics.

Her technical skills in the art world were developed through attendance at Alexander Mackie art school in Sydney with guidance from many respected artists and educators. It was attendance at Tom Bass Sculpture Studio school with sculptor Tom Bass (1916-2010) that confirmed the importance and spiritual value of beauty and integrity in form. Another respected elder and artist was Desiderious Orban, from whom Janet learnt about being convincing and authentic with her art practice. Janet has been a student of Zen Buddhism since 1995 with the Sydney Zen Centre.

These principles continue to influence Janet’s own art practice and indeed everyday living.

Nature and its precipitous position through climate change are subjects that Janet explores through her art which represents a sense of connection to place and the experience of peace that permeates the whole environment.

Janet now passes along her knowledge as a ceramics teacher in hand building and wheel throwing, after previously teaching kids workshops, bonsai pot making workshops as well as clay and meditation workshops.