Contain, Ceramic Art Exhibition

Teapots to Make
January 14, 2013

Contain Exhibition Flyer (Front)Contain Exhibition Invitation (Back)

Contain in a container, a receptacle, a vessel, a repository.

To hold all together, to keep from falling apart.

To accept, to give an offering.

To have and to hold within.

To embrace.

Heather Fisher

That which is contained in each moment necessarily influences the next. The seed of one moment, one thought, one deed, evolving continuously, creates the next. Hand painted earthenware is the medium.

Mary Ann Nidelkos

Words, sentences are containers. Communication is the act of sending and receiving a container. My latest ceramic work will explore ‘embodiment’ of unconsciousness and the role it plays in our object-directed experiences. Creating sculptural platforms and narratives based on the conduit metaphor: ‘Thoughts, feelings, meanings, sense and ideas are objects.’

Biljana Novakavic

I am continuing my exploration of interpersonal relationships, using fine transparent porcelain sculptures to express the struggle of holding the environment, holding emotions, male/female, active/passive relationships.

Containers can be both active and passive? Can they?

Janet Selby

My work explores environmental influences and how we are ultimately inter-connected. The subject matter is trees in containers, based on the art of Bonsai, becoming surreal and exaggerated. Hand built stoneware ceramics illustrate how the container influences the character of that which is contained, and visa versa.

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